- Shipping 8,99$ (USA/Canada) -

Refund policy

Offered over a period of 30 days
atfrom the date of purchase (not applicable for personalized bottles: final sale at all times). In the case of purchases where shipping costs have been applied, note that these will not be refunded.

The bottle(s) and their charger must be unused and in their original box and packaging. Everything must be in perfect condition for resale: bottle, boxes and charger (this one must be in its sealed bag inside its little box). Note that all our bottles are shipped refilledto 80-100% of their autonomy and therefore requires no recharging for at least 5 weeks.

You must send us a return authorization request by email (question@bwevbottle.com). Following authorization, we will send you the return label (actual shipping cost i.e. $18-22at your expense). Also, note that any shipping charges charged during the initial order will also be non-refundable:
-> Paid $74.99 + $8.99 shipping + txs;
-> Return: $74.99 - return shipping ~$18 = $56.99 + tax = $65.52 your final refund.

It's only following atreceipt of the goods and complete inspection on our part which can make it possible to determine that the goods qualify as being in perfect condition for resale, that we will proceed with the refund in question (~7-10 days) or atthe desired exchange (shipping at the applicable price).

In the case wherethe material happens to be in a condition other than perfect for resale, we will not proceed at no refund or exchange. We may, at your request,return the goods if you wish (reshippedat your expense).

For any questions or complaints: question@bwevbottle.com.