• Capacity of 600mL (21oz);
  • Dimension of 243mm x 70mm (neck 40mm);
  • Weight of 293g;
  • Austenitic stainless steel, food grade (304);
  • Vacuum insulation (vacuum);
  • BPA free;
  • Non-slip Silica tablet under the bottle;
  • Cap made of food grade PP / PA (polymer);
  • 220mA Li-Ion battery;
  • LCD touch screen;

    *activated by ''single tap''

    - Temperature of the beverage with a colored circle around according to it (red, yellow or green);
    - Alarm setting (if activated);
    - Battery level of charge.

    *programming by ''double taps''

    Alerts (5x ''beep'' and display circle flashing).
    Alarm is programmded by double taps on the screen (1h, 1.5h, 2h or inactive mode);

    Beverage expiration notice:

    After 8 hours inertia of the lid, at the first single tap on the screen will be displayed a red circle with a ''X"" flashing for 5 seconds meant to indicate you that if there is a beverage inside, it's been sitting there for 8+ hours now.

    After expiration warning shuts off (4 seconds), at the next single tap on the screen, will be the regular display. At this moment (when temperature is displaying) you will get to programm the reminder alarms by double taps on the screen;

  • Estimated lifetime: 10-15 years (depending on use);
  • Water resistant (IPX7 classification);
  • ROHS/ISO/FCC/FDA/CE accreditations;
  • Made in China.

When the BWEV™ alarm rings and the bottle is near you, you can stop the ringing with a simple touch on the screen rather than hearing it ringing 5 times;

When the lid is recharging, even if the alarm is programmed, it will not . The lid alarm countdown will not begin until the charger is removed.

See your BWEV™ and its smart lid a bit like your cell phone...

If I did such and such with my cell phone, would I risk damaging it ? If the answer is yes, there is a good chance that it would be the same for your BWEV™ ! And if so, be aware that our guarantee would not apply. We do not offer “Apple care” type protection at BWEV™.

  • Remove protection film from the screen ;

  • Never recharge your BWEV™ lid with a USB outlet port (or USB charging adaptor) which power output exceeds 5Volts / 5Watts / 1.0Amps ;
  • Do not put the BWEV™ lid in the dishwasher ;

  • Do not put your BWEV™ inside the fridge, freezer or microwave oven ;
  • Do not put a carbonized beverage or milk inside ;
  • Do not expose the lid to intense heat or cold for a long period of time (e.g. leaving for long hours in the car in very hot or very cold weather, taking in the sauna with you, carrying around with you for a long activity outside in very cold weather, etc.) ;
  • Daily cleaning with mild soap and slow running water recommended (to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and/or the appearance of a permanent bad smell).
  • Do not submerge the lid completely into water or other liquid ;
  • Avoid impacts or dropping the bottle.
    Although very resistant, any significant impact can result in a permanent breakage of the BWEV™ lid (electronics). In the event that such an impact occurs, a micro-crack is likely to form but it is not said that the lid will stop to function normally immediately. It is much more likely, depending on the severity of the accident in question, that the irreversible malfunction will only occur when washing your lid, especially in the case of a running water cleaning since an infiltration of liquid inside the electronic circuit would occur via the micro-crack resulting from the impact. After a significant impact, your BWEV™ lid might still function normally but if it's the case, we strongly advise you to only dry wash it forever afterwards (damp rag only) to avoid subsequent permanent damage resulting from liquid infiltration into a surely existing microcrack resulting from the impact.

Note that our warranty doesn't apply for any of the listed example above. Any modification of original product (aesthetic or functionnal) invalidates our warranty automaticaly. Our warranty does not apply for any damage, aesthetic or functional, resulting from any usage we judge inappropriate. In the event of such a breakage, please note that you can purchase a replacement lid by sending us the request at question@bwev.ca (note that your initial proof of purchase will be request and essential to provide for us to process your order for a replacement lid or any other replacement article).

One (1) year from date of purchase

We offer a one (1) year limited warranty on the BWEV™, its components and accessories for any manufacturing defect or malfunction resulting of it. In which case we offer a free replacement of the same product. No cosmetic damage or damage caused by the user is covered.

We ask that you first contact us at question@bwevbottle.com to make the request. We will then ask you to provide us with different picturess and videos demonstrating the problem to allow us to establish sporadically if the problem seems to us to be one covered by our warranty. If it's the case, we will ask you to return the product to us (shipping at your expense, refundable if warranty applies). We will do a full inspection and determine officially then if the warranty applies. If so, we will send you a brand new bottle for free and will assume shipping fee as for compensation of your previous shipping payment to return us the bottle. On the other hand, if we judge and rule that the problem in question does not qualify for our warranty coverage, your only option will be to recover the bottle in question (at your demand, we will return the bottle to you, shipping at your expense).

For any questions, contact us at question@bwevbottle.com.