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Our Story

Everything has started with a dream, a vision...

Sincerely wishing to make a concrete contribution to the well-being of all, including animals and Mother Nature, our Founder, Eric Bolduc, wondered for a long time what exactly could he do. His main motivation being to leave a positive mark behind him, no matter how small, in helping his own community and all others around. His quest then begins. What to do and how ? His quest was based around finding a way that would be simple, effective and most beneficial for everyone in the short, medium and long term.

His answer... hydration ! So many people would have so much to benefit from drinking more water each day: a marked improvement in energy level, focus, digestion, complexion, skin health, teeth health, and numerous others benefits.
So then the mission becomes clearer: helping everyone to benefit of drinking more water daily, while doing it in an eco-responsible way, in respect of Mother Nature and animals. 

The idea: develop a reusable bottle which, in a way, will influence people to consume more water every day, hydrate more just like they should but like many of us probably forget to do so during the course of the day... There was born BWEV™. A name that Eric imagined while looking for a term that could be appropriate, short and multilingual, and which could pay a certain tribute to his french Canadian Quebec roots. BWEV™ is exactly that since the term happens to be directly inspired by the local french slang when we say '' Il faut que je 'BWEV' / boive (I should drink)... '' ('BWEV'). The bottle will kindly remind you to hydrate during the day. Just like a friend who would tell you once in a while ''Pssst... you should hydrate...''. No app. No strict following of water consumption. Just a little reminder to help you drink your 2-3L of water a day. BWEV's entire culture revolves around the well-being of all, including Mother Nature and animals. BWEV™ is proud to offer support in regards of wildlife and Mother Nature protection (see page ''Social engagement'').

After a year and a half of part-time development of the concept, and with in hand a final prototype beyond its expectations, and also because of his new perspective on life now through the COVID crisis, Eric then decides to take the leap of faith: he leaves his 6 years General Manager of a retail store behind him and sets out full-time to make his dream happen. Full-time and all in on BWEV™. Emotionally, mentally and monetarily.

The project being now aligned, he immediately thinks of putting into crowd funding. He wanted to first, validate by a certain social proofing that would also allow him to calibrate more precisely the first inventory order volume needed plus finance its production in part. A choice that will prove to be judicious since in just 6 days, BWEV™ will surpass its target of $ 8,250. In the end, it is almost $16,500 that BWEV™ will be raised through its crowd-funding campaign Kickstarter / Indiegogo.

Proud of its success, BWEV™ then decide to extend its offer to the world market rather than limiting it to Canada only on the online store.

In mid-July of 2021, the BWEV™ online boutique is officially launched with the shipping service offered anywhere in the world.

At this very moment, Eric's dream of creating a global collective movement around BWEV™ takes shape. The BWEV™ movement is now in place. All that remains is to maximise its it spread, year after year, for years - even decades - to come. The BWEV™ mission is ongoing and continues: do everything in its power to inspire as many people as possible to prioritize their own general well-being and join the movement and HYDRATE MORE, LIVE BETTER™.

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