Social engagement

BWEV™ first and foremost intention is to form a collective movement where everyone sees themselves making a small gesture in giving priority to their own well-being and spreading the word to other people around to do so and invite to join the movement. We want to help everyone feel better by hydrating more and do it in a manner that will also benefit animals and Mother Nature by the same time. BWEV™ solution is a renewable one: a reusable smart bottle that will remind you to drink and help build a stong hydration habit with all daily benefits that comes with it. BWEV™ is a company having at heart it's culture and origin: contribute to collective well-being of its own community as well as the one of all other communities by creating a movement, an habit that wich will stand and benefit generations to come.

In addition of being an eco-responsible alternative of choice to the greatly destructive single-use plastic bottles, BWEV™ goes a step further by redistributing 10% of its profits between two admired organizations which relate directly with BWEV™ culture and fundamental values : protection and preservation of Mother Nature and its wildlife.


Preserving the diversity of nature and the well-being of all life, now and in the future. Vision is that we act every day knowing that we are one world, one nature.

BWEV -Smart Bottle (no app needed) / Bouteille Intelligente (sans app) - Fondation David Suzuki Foundation


Inform, prevent and educate to allow people to better understand and respect the wildlife animals. Too many animals suffer because humans fear what they don't know. Take good care of the recovery of hundreds of small, ailing wild animals.

BWEV™ Bouteille Intelligente (sans app) qui incite à boire plus d'eau - Refuge Nymous - partenaire - donations